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Friday, April 5, 2013

A to Z Challenge: E is for Enow, Energy Solutions

A to Z Challenge:  E is for eNow.


eNow is a company putting technology to work to provide energy saving solutions for the trucking industry.  This company has solar energy solutions that reduce the need for truckers to idle their vehicles to keep cold perishable goods,  and to power other systems within the truck, which ultimately saves fuel and protects the environment.  The clean renewable energy reduces operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  

eNow was one of the exhibitors at the Annual meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition put on by the Technology and Maintenance council in Nashville, TN in March. Here is a company putting their entrepreneurial skills to work to create real, practical and economically smart solutions for caring for the environment.  These are the kind of small business ventures that we need to get the word out about. 

A to Z Challenge


  1. A good topic and I found both the post and video interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thank you Yvonne, I appreciate your support and comments. God bless, Maria

  3. How did you find this business? Too cool.

  4. eNow sounds like the kind of business we need more of out there. I'm all for supporting such ventures all the way.
    Great E post.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  5. Very interesting. I never would have thought of trucks using solar, what a fabulous concept.

    1. Heidi and Theresa, Yes I thought it was pretty cool and interesting too.

      Silvia, I agree. This is entrepreneurship at its best.

      Jen, it is amazing how things can be adapted and a new application invented.

      Thanks all for coming by. God bless, Maria

  6. Trucks using solar? On the go? this is cool... Popped in from #AtoZChallenge... Followed your blog... hope you do the same

    1. Hi Abati, I did follow you on Pinterest. I think you have a very intriguing and interesting technology site. I look forward to seeing what else you have to show us. Thanks for coming by. God bless, Maria

  7. This is fascinating. I may pass this link along to a grocery store chain that is based in my hometown. My BIL actually works in the frozen foods section of their distribution center. It's amazing how much big trucks simply idle - many overnight. This is a brilliant idea if it is feasible. I haven't looked at their site yet.

    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for coming by. I agree. I think this is a fascinating application of technology. So glad you are planning to pass it on. I think it is terrific when we can support and encourage entrepreneurs like these. God bless, Maria


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