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Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for 'X' Words

Do you need some good 'X' words for your Words with Friends or Scrabble games?  Do you get hassled by friends when they don't know what the 'X' word is that you use, because they can't pull it up on their dictionaries?  Well I have found a few for you to use and given you the definitions so you won't be baffled.  

These are particularly interesting words because not only do they have a common meaning, most are also the names of companies and rather successful ones at that.  There are two that are not.  One is a non-profit foundation and the other is a city in the USA.  I didn't include Xerox, because it's common meaning comes from the company name rather than the other way around.  Enjoy! 


Xebec –  is a small Mediterranean 3 masted sailing ship.  Xebec Deburring Technologies produces deburring and finishing tools using ceramic. 


Xeric –  means of or pertaining to an extremely dry climate.  The Xeric Foundation provides support and grants to comic book creators.  

Xenon – is the chemical element with the symbol Xe, a colorless, odorless, gas occurring in trace amounts in the earth’s atmosphere.  Xenon is a company that produces automobile body parts.  


Xenic is a noble gas compound formed when xenon trioxide is dissolved in water.   Xenics Infrared Solutions is a high tech company which produces a wide variety of infrared products and applications to meet the diverse ever-expanding needs of the global marketplace. 

Xenia, Ohio

Xenia -   is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality involving being generous and courteous to people traveling through your area far from their own homes.  The welcoming of strangers as honored guests.  Xenia is a city in Ohio which calls itself the City of Hospitality.  

Xylem – is a type of transport tissue within the vascular system of plants.  There are at least two companies who have taken the name Xylem.  Xylem Inc is involved with coming up with innovative solutions for global water challenges. 


The second company, which goes by simply ‘Xylem’, is a bathroom furniture and fixtures company. 

Whitford products:  housewares
Xylan – is a yellow gummy plant substance ubiquitous in plant cell walls.  Xylan is also one of the trademark brands of fluoropolymer coatings of Whitford, an American company with branches worldwide.  The breadth of what this company produces is quite amazing


Xylol – is a type of solvent, very volatile, also known as Xylene.  Klean Strip produces a brand of Xylol which can be purchased at your basic hardware store.  


  1. I want to congratulate you on an excellently researched post. Fascinating. The only word i knew was xeric which I learned in last years challenge.

    1. Thanks, DA, for your accoulades. It took some time but it was fun finding out something new. Appreciate your faithful visits. God bless, Maria

  2. Phew. I'm glad I'm not a game-playing person....you'd kill me with "x" words. :)

  3. PS You might be giving ammunition to your opponents!

    1. Hahaha. Yeah perhaps. But that's what I like about these word games, we all learn something new and we each get better at it from what we learn from each other. It's fun. Thanks for being here, Heidi. God bless, Maria


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