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"Delight Yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him, and He will do it.
And He will bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your judgment as the noonday.  
Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him;..." Ps 37:4-7a

Monday, May 21, 2012

From Pain to Natural Healing

My journey into blogging began with my journey into better health.  I have suffered with several pain issues over the past several years, most recently a debilitating bout with back pain.  Two herniated discs, one bulging and putting pressure on nerves leading into my arm, kept me in excruciating pain.  After more than a month of chiropractic care, several different medications for pain, and physical therapy, the spine surgeon said, “It’s time for surgery.”  He explained the surgery to me, and I went home to think about it.  It did not take more than a few days for me to agree; the pain was just too unbearable, and I could endure it no longer.  
After my decision, however, I began to have moments of relief.  The moments turned to hours, and I began to question the wisdom of running to surgery.  I talked with a number of people who had chosen to do it and a few who had decided not to, who had chosen to wait.  Then I would have days of misery which would send me back to considering the operation as the only option.  As the day drew near though, I seemed to be bearing the unbearable more tolerably.  I noticed that my good days were becoming more frequent and my bad days less severe.  Just a few days before, I decided to hold off on surgery to give me time to investigate healthy alternatives and natural healing methods as I continued physical therapy.  It was 2 and 1/2 months since this particular episode of back pain had begun, and I felt like I was improving.  I could wait.
One night as I struggled to sleep, the idea of oil pulling popped into my head.  It had been 20 years since someone had mentioned this idea to me.  At that time, a friend who had suffered with disabling fatigue to the point of being bedridden told me someone had suggested to her that she try oil pulling.  Since she was willing to try anything, it didn’t take much convincing.  She told me after just three days, she had more energy than she had had in years and was on the road to recovery.  This person was one of the most energetic people I knew at the time.  I couldn't imagine her with chronic fatigue. 

What would make me think of this now, I didn’t know?  I could barely remember what it even was, but like my friend, I was willing to try anything -- within reason.  The next day investing some time in searching the internet for oil pulling, I was not disappointed with the wealth of information I found there.  I would try it.
Taking into my mouth a tablespoon of olive oil, I swished back and forth for 20 minutes, then spit it out.  Surprisingly, I DID notice an elevation in my energy level.  I continued to do this for several days, but decided to also continue my research both of oil pulling and other natural health approaches.  If I was going to heal my back, I knew that weight, sleep, and better eating were part of the key, and I also knew that God, the author and finisher of all things good,  ultimately had the answers.  What started as a vague thought about oil pulling became an all out delight-directed search for truth in healing.
It occurred to me then that I could be successful in any area if I would let delight direct my path.  First, I got excited about seeking out the truth regarding oil pulling.  I found a book, Oil Pulling Therapy by Bruce Fife, and consumed it.  So thrilled about what I was learning, I shared my message with everyone who would listen.  I bought several copies of the book so I could lend them out to friends who asked for more as well.  I immersed myself in learning all I could learn about oil pulling, then moved on to the tangents of natural healing that branched out from my study - coconut oil, detox methods, healing crisis, and more.  The point is, as I poured myself into this education and actively decided to stir this passion, it became my delight and directed my course to successful healing.
I am so grateful to God for a new-found comprehension of not only healthy healing alternatives, but in my growth of understanding of delight’s role in success.  Working to motivate myself was as important as what I did to heal, because it was fuel for being able to carry it out.  I could be an active agent in healing my body and stirring my delight.  About three months since my decision began to hold off surgery, I was eating better and lost 30 pounds.  I was sleeping better and had additional energy.  I was off all medications and had relief in my back like I hadn’t had in 6 months since my most recent occurrence began and years since I started having back pain originally.  I felt like a new person.  Answers are available and the move towards health - spiritual, emotional, physical - is just a delight away.  

Update:  Now a year since that bout of back pain occurred, I am still holding it at bay.  I do have to be sure my exercise includes stretching or I feel it creeping back into the danger zone.  I do use my neck traction devices a couple times a week or more if it is acting up.  A tens unit, which can be purchased for as little as about $30 on Amazon, has been great for helping with pain.  I have had to resort to medication on an off, but no longer do I live on ibuprofen.  Natural methods are still providing relief from pain and delight in the journey.


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